Welcome to the Earthly Tumbles blog. It’s my attempt to document what I’ve found in nature over the past few years. It gives me a change to do a little show and tell.  It provides me with a chance to reminisce on my travels and sharpen my story telling skills. 

There will primarily be photos of summer vacation trips with some little, local trips sprinkled in. I also want to dedicate some pages to the process of tumbling rocks I’ve found along the way. 

I hope you will enjoy my photos, stories, and descriptions. 

✌🏽  💛

A Little About Me:

I’m a veteran public school teacher in southeastern Louisiana. I have primarily taught first grade but am now teaching in a resource class with students in grades k-5.  I enjoy traveling to natural settings such as parks, forests, and beaches. I try to visit places where I can find rocks for my tumbling hobby.