Kite Festival

I just so happened to rent a room during the Lincoln City Kite Festival. I was able to watch the early morning set up right from my window. I was surprised how many people attended the event.  There were all kinds of kites. Some were huge!  Did you know people do flying performances?  It was interesting to see.  There was an area set up for flying demonstrations. Each flyer had their own time to perform for the crowd. Spectators came and stayed in the beach all day to watch the kites. Some brought their own kites to fly as well. On the beach there is always wind, so kite flying is a fun pastime to enjoy every day. . 

This is the view from my room at the Sea Gypsy.  it was nice to be able to watch the kites from my room when I had enough of the crowds.

Do you see that water running toward the ocean?  That the D River. It was once known as the shortest river in the world at a length of 440 feet.

I found some nice, big pieces of jasper in there. 

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