My bestie lives in Powhatan, Arkansas. It’s in the northwestern part of the state.  I’ve visited her a couple of times since she moved there. I really should go more often but I hate the boring drive. Not a good excuse, I know!

They live on this pretty big piece of property that has some cattle. They have raised chickens and turkeys too. This area (in the picture above) used to be some type of gravel pit in the 1950’s. It is currently filled in with water. I’m trying to talk the bestie into getting some pedal boats so they could have some fun on the water. I think it’s a great idea. I think I’m alone in that thinking, 🤷🏻‍♀️.  

Nerd Note🤓: A couple years back they sent me some of their rocks to tumble. We thought the rocks were limestone, but they took way too long to tumble. Limestone is relatively soft so I knew the rocks were something else. After lots of google research I’ve decided the rocks are either chert or novaculite. Fun fact: novaculite is what is used to make whetstones or sharpening stones. They are only found in a few parts of the world.

The last time I visited, we walked around the quarry area to look for rocks. There are big boulders all around. I got some nice samples to bring home. On my next visit to see the bestie, I want to go looking for Crowley Ridge agates in a nearby park. 

Here’s a photo of the bestie and her kiddos. That’s her hubby in the background with the bucket of rocks. It was freezing that day. We were all bundled up in lots of layers. We had a great time exploring and finding rocks. 

Still around the quarry, I noticed an interesting looking rock sticking out of the dirt road. We tried to get it out but it wasn’t budging. The next day, bestie’s husband brought me back to the area and he dug it out with a shovel. I was excited to find it was an agate nodule. It had a lot of iron staining so when back home I soaked it in Iron Out to clean it up. I want to get it sliced up once I have access to a rock saw. 

On the back of the property runs some kind of little creek. I found some nice colorful chert there. They polished up nicely.  On my next visit, I want to spend more time searching this creek. 

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