Alabama Gulf Coast

When I’m in need of a quick beach getaway, the Alabama gulf coast is the place for me. There are so many beach and bay side condos to choose from in the area. The beaches are white sand with small wave action (unless there is a storm in the gulf). I like to go when it is not summer time. There are way too many people on the beach for me during the summer. I’m selfish. I like the beach to myself.
There are lots of things to do on the coast.  There are the typical family things like souvenir shops, arcades, and water parks. Not far away in Foley Alabama, there’s Downtown OWA and amusement park. It’s a nice little outdoor mall type place. It kind of reminds me of Downtown Disney.
Next time I go to the gulf coast, I want to explore Gulf State Park. It looks like there is lots to see and do. 

We stayed at Phoenix II on our last visit. As you can see, the view of the white sand beaches is really nice. No rocks to find but the seashells and sand dollars are nice to find if you like that sort of thing I guess. 

Gulf Shores Steamer is a great seafood restaurant. It’s located very near a marina and boutique style shopping area. The weather was very nice so we sat outside overlooking the marina. 

At the restaurant, I like to get the crab cake appetizer and the sampler platter. The seafood is steamed (hence the name😀). Being from Louisiana, I’m more partial to boiled, heavily seasoned crabs and shrimp. The steamed seafood from Gulf Shores Steamer is a very close second. I especially enjoy the little bowl of warm lemon water that’s brought to the table to clean your hands after the meal. I have always had great experiences at this restaurant. 

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